Websites that inspired us!

Wanderly Magazine Article: Making a Living on the Road
​For Blake this article was his yes moment.  He was very concerned about how we would survive living this style of life.  He found the answers he was looking for in this article. (linked Nov 2018)

Making Sense of It: Becoming a Full-Time RV Family
Another family's experience into their full-time RV living lifestyle. (Linked Nov 18)

Living a Simpler Life: Tinybuddha
Read this to see if you are ready for that simple life. (Linked Nov 18)

Cheap RV Living
A guy and his van.  Living on the road, enjoying life since 2011.  Truly inspiring.  (Linked Jan 19)

Websites that have given us knowledge!


Road-schooling Ideas: Time4Learning
We believe this is what we will be using for the children next school year when we hit the road! (Linked Nov 18)

Wheelinit: One the Road since 2010
This is a couple that has been on the road since 2010.  They are now over in Europe.  They have tons of useful items on their page. (Linked Nov 18)

Workamping: Some jobs for those on the Road
This has been the site we have been checking for "Workamping" jobs.  This is something we plan on doing during our new adventure. (Linked Nov 18)

Boondocking: A great website from
We plan on boondocking a lot.  We will be utilizing this website along with others.  This is one of the things we are most excited to do! (Linked Nov 18)