• Blake Freeman

Food for thought on Trailers

Hey there everyone, just wanted to say thanks again for all the words of encouragement and support. We really enjoyed the feedback we received after our last video talking about which truck to get.  I know we have many choices coming up and we really do enjoy the ideas and comments we receive.  I wanted to touch base on our thought process on the trailer we will be getting.  We have narrowed it down to a couple options.  We have two or so that are travel trailers and a couple that are fifth wheels.  I wanted to give you a couple things to think about if you are going to try to live in a travel trailer full time.

The biggest thing for us is storage.  Being a family of five, we are really looking at the amount of storage we can get. That is one of the only reasons we are even considering getting a fifth wheel.  We are not planning to bring a lot of items but with five of us items will add up.  One of the nice things about the fifth wheel is the amount of storage.  If we do not go with a fifth wheel the dual slide out bunkhouse is another option we are looking at.  This adds a good amount of storage to where the kids will be sleeping. That way they can each have their own storage area.  We do want storage in the kitchen area also, but most of the trailers do a good job on this. A few newer models have islands, which add some storage in the kitchen. A nice feature to consider.  

Another of the bigger factors that will play into what we get is going to be the water tanks, fresh, black and grey.  As we have said, we plan on boondocking quite a bit so a concern we have is the amount we will need to get water or dump the tanks.  We have noticed there are some trailers that only offer tanks of forty gallons of fresh water.  This is way too small of a tank to last a week if not longer boondocking.  We are already preparing the kids for changes in habits that we have.  Such as taking showers everyday, or how dishes are done, but we know that boondocking we will need to conserve water.  A forty-gallon tank is not enough though.  We plan to get a tank of at least fifty gallons.  

The last issue that you need to think about is clearance.  I have said this in a Vlog but clearance is concern for us when it comes to boondocking or camping in the forests.  We know that the heights of some fifth wheels can be seven feet greater than a travel trailer.  We know we want storage and room like a fifth wheel offers, but the clearance and the issues we may have with that is a draw back.  As I stated we plan on boondocking at least a couple months out of the year. If we are limited to the areas we can go that could hurt us with finding locations to boondock.  

I hope that these get you thinking of scenarios you may encounter with life on the road in a travel trailer.  We know we cannot prepare for everything but we hope we do this the right way the first time.  

​Thanks again for following along.  Do not forget to head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe.  We will be giving away a picture we made at 100 subscribers. We also have been working on some exciting new things that we hope to announce at the end of November.  We know the holidays are coming up so we don’t plan on doing a whole lot between now and the new year with regards to preparing so we do apologize if things get a little slow.  We will be kicking it into high gear in the New Year.  Thanks again!

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