• Blake Freeman

Time to Get Over the Fear

Wow how time flies. I swore that I would write a blog once a week. Last blog was over 5 months ago. Well needless to say I am back at it! Its been a crazy rollercoaster ride these past months. If you have watched our YouTube videos you would see things didn't go as smooth as we liked with the sale of the house, or should I say getting the truck. Once we got everything, things went relatively well while we were staying at Kozy Oaks Campground. After my last day of work we went up north. We had a wonderful spot thanks to some family friends. And now we are down in New Mexico. A little different landing spot than we thought we would be at but things are going well.

One thing I can say about planning is that you can think of everything but when the time comes there is so much more than you think! While we were up north the UPS driver became a regular at the father in laws house. I won’t go into detail about what we purchased yet, but when we thought we had everything, something else popped up. This is the biggest reason we were delayed leaving. Good thing Amazon delivers!

So in this blog I want to tell you to get over your fears by explaining my fears that I overcame. Being up north was really comfortable. We knew the area. Knew people in the area. Had 50 amp service, sewer, and water. We were just down the road from the father in laws. Could visit family every day with a 5 minute drive home. Was an amazing couple months to spend with everyone. So when the time came to leave, the unknown became real. Cold temperatures and bad weather where we first wanted to go. So what do we do? Stay in the comforts we had or start our adventure in a different way than we had planned.

We scrambled to start looking for a different spot. I know we had become to accustomed to having everything we had for the past 2 months. Basically, we were spoiled. So, do we find a place to boondock? Do we go to the beach where we have gone on almost every vacation? What to do? Instead of going to a comfort zone we looked to where we haven't been. Warm weather and some things to do. Alamogordo, New Mexico it is. White Sands National Monument, wonderful hiking trails in the mountains, and drive where we have never been. Were we scared? Yes, at least I was. Did the thought of blow outs cross my mind in the 1400 miles we would travel. Where to stop and sleep? All of this we had planned for but now that it was right in front of us the fear for me was real.

As we packed to leave I looked at Michelle and her confidence. She isn't scared about anything in this adventure. She says, like her mother did, that things will work out. I knew I had to just go. Get over the fear. Have the mindset that things will work out. That we can do this. We were going to be ok. So we left. Stopping every couple hundred miles for gas and to check on the truck and trailer. Stayed 2 nights on the way down. Once at a rest area (our first time) Brady thought it was the greatest thing in the world to get to sleep amongst other truckers…and once at a casino (I will touch on these in another blog. I screwed up on some of my thought process when planning our route).

1433 miles later we arrived at Boot Hills RV Resort. No issues, a couple scary moments, but complete and intact. Our set up could not have went any smoother. All leveled and everything operational! We were relieved!! I am just awestruck at the beautiful views. I can’t believe our view with the Sacramento mountains in plain sight. I love Minnesota in the summer but seeing what more the United States has to offer is just jaw dropping.

As we get settled into our new life we will be posting blogs about; how to’s, what to do, and anything else that comes our way. Some may be just a journal about where we stayed or how we did things. The kids will be posting their first blogs next week. So you can see the kids perspective. If you have kids and are thinking about this lifestyle you can see what our kids think. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or ideas. We love hearing from people!


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