• Blake Freeman

Our House in Chaos!

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

We are so glad that winter in MN is finally over!! We just had our last snow fall about 6” and that has melted and now spring is here. It is hard to believe that this was our last winter in MN. We tried to enjoy it as much as we could. We are in full gear mode now and it’s getting down to crunch time.  It has been crazy busy with Madison’s dance competition, doctor/dentist appointments and trying to pack up the rest of our house.  Good news is we got the house painted and everything is coming together nicely.  We still have a long list of things to do but nothing we can’t accomplish.  We purchased a rug cleaner and will be doing that this coming weekend. We also rented a small storage unit to store the things that we are bringing with us into the camper. So, we will be doing that this weekend as well. Oofta...

One thing we are figuring out is that we can brainstorm an idea over and over again, go with it and then realize there is a better way or different way for us to accomplish our idea. With that being said, we want to thank everyone that ordered from our CamperVibesCo website, but we have decided to close it down.  As I stated we can have a great idea, plan and implement the idea but then realize something isn’t working.  Both Printify and Shopify were great to work with but we are going to say goodbye to that short chapter in our life and move on. We feel there is something better out there that will fit our lifestyle more. We have been looking at other ways to produce some clothing, which we really want to do but we are also trying to figure out some other things to do if that doesn’t work. Always have to have a plan A, B and C. You just never know and for us after we sell the house everything will be unfamiliar and having a plan is always good. We will update you when we figure out our crap. HA!

We know that you can take the best plan and it still won’t always go perfect.  Michelle and I want to give you good ideas, along with great videos so that if you do want this lifestyle we can help you accomplish it. If you just want to follow along we want to make it engaging.  We are learning as we go and we will not get it right the first time all the time and for us that is okay. That’s another purpose of this, to watch us learn, grow and help others succeed.   ​ We will be posting another video in a week or so.  Hopefully this will be the last one before the house is on the market.  Crossing our fingers that everything goes smoothly. We will keep you updated of the whole process along with some other changes we have coming.  As I said above, we are learning as we go.  This whole concept is new to all of us.  We thank you for your support and words of encouragement over these past months.  Blake

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