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Our First Blog

So this is hopefully our first blog of many.  My name is Blake, my wife is Michelle.  We have three children.  Mason is 16, Brady is 15, and Madison is 12.  After a year of thinking, planning and discussing we have decided to move our family into a Tincan (Travel Trailer).  The purpose of this blog is to document our adventure, travels, struggles, and triumphs.  We can then share these with you in hopes of helping you in your journey to live a simpler life.  If this lifestyle isn't for you than you can just hopefully enjoy some great experiences with us.  We hope to post at least one new blog every week.  We have created social media pages for you to enjoy and get a quick update if you don't have the time to visit our website.  

So back to this whole travel thing.  I know some of you are thinking how are you going to survive.  Well I know we don't have all the answers yet, but what I do know is we came to the decision that the “normal life” for us was not what we liked.  We didn't mind going to work each day but we start to see that we have missed so much of our children’s life, and so much quality time together as a family.  As it seems these days, life is so short.  So instead of working everyday to pay for house, cars, activities.  Why not work less, with less, and enjoy the free activities that nature gives us.   ​ I am still working on our website so check back for updates.  We are also looking for sponsors, so if you know of anyone who has an online business that wants some advertising on our trailer please give them our website.  

Thanks and Enjoy! The Freemans

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