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Never Ending To-Do List

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I swear we make great headway on our list and then we add 50 more things to it.  It just keeps growing!!   We are in the process of giving an update for our Vlog next week but I had a few things I wanted to mention that will not be in the video.  Also, I will put our to-do list at the end of this blog to show you what we still need to get done.  Time is flying by  so quickly but we will get it all done. Crossing our fingers anyway. This will be a shorter blog but as you can tell from the list we are busy.  Along with work, dance and other activities we will be sharing more when we get out of our home. 

We have gotten rid of all of our furniture except for the beds, couches, night stands and such.  Michelle’s sister plans on taking our couches so we don't have to worry about that.  We plan on selling the beds towards the end of March so that the kids don’t have to sleep on the floor too long.  We want to get most of the items out of the house so that we can start to repair some dings and scratches on the walls.  As we all know kids are not the best at taking care of things. 

​Lastly,  I wanted to mention is the fact that since we are getting our new living space after we sell our house we will be homeless for a little bit. I didn’t think of this issue until the past month or so but we will have no place to store our clothes or the things that we are keeping. Not that we will have that much  but I'm sure we will be taking way more than we need. So, we will be getting a storage unit for a couple months.  Not a huge deal but something that I did not even think of.  Which brings me to our list.  As I said above we keep crossing things off of our list but it seems we add 50 more.  So below is the list of what we have left.  It is in no particular order.

1. Repair minor things in house & paint 2. Pack remaining clothes 3. Sell remaining furniture and miscellaneous items 4. Get passports 5. Get permit to carry 6. Get supplies for trailer (this list will be in a future blog/vlog and on our website) 7. Find realtor  8. List house 9. Find storage locker 10. Talk to CPA (may go into this next year) 11. Change address on driver’s license 12. Find hotel to stay at with pets 13. Figure out best plan for cell phones 14. Get video equipment for Vlogs 15. Health checkups and dental work done 

That’s what we have now.  The list changes each day as things get done and we remember new things to add to our list.  Take care and thanks for following along! ​ Blake & Michelle

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