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Madison's Goal for New Year along with Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge

Hi once again... another blog by yours truly, Maddy. Before I got so rudely interrupted to write this, I was watching Roger rabbit. “Thanks” dad. Besides that this is the first blog of 2020!! I can’t believe it’s already 2020.. I hope you all had a very good 2019 and an even better 2020. But I guess enough blabbing and onto what I’m actually supposed to write. If these paragraphs are boring I’m sorry in advanced. Just know I didn’t pick these paragraphs.

The first thing I’m supposed to write about is my New Years resolution for 2020 and how I’m going to accomplish it. One of my New Years resolution is to be nicer to Brady. Although he is rude, annoying, and very disrespectful most of time I would like to have a better relationship with him. How will I accomplish that? not sure... lol. Another thing I would like to accomplish is.. hmm.. maybe just to be a better person, more responsible, more reliable, more reading and less time on electronics, more helpful, and yeah.. all that good stuff. I don’t know how to explain how I will accomplish it but you guys get the idea haha. That’s basically it lol. Not much but yeahhhhh😂 Onto the next/last paragraph.

So next/last paragraph is about Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge and what I learned there I guess. First off it was beautiful there and a great experience. We learned about devils hole, animals and plants that live there, and some of the places history. One of the things we learned about was how deep the Devils hole is. Well scuba divers went down 436 ft and still did not find the bottom. It’s estimated to be about 500 ft deep. Another thing we learned was about the salt on the ground. Moisture from the mountains comes down and gets evaporated but what’s left is the minerals so that creates salt crystals. We learned Millions of years ago there was a sea over Ash Meadows and that only pupfish can be found in Ash Meadows. Next we read about water springs there. Water is flowing up from the ground at 2,800 gallons per minute. It has 87 degree water all year round. It sucks that there was a no swimming sign and no touching the water but in a way I understand.. still very annoying though lol. Some animals that live there are pupfish (multiple of the kind), wood rats, Yuma skipper, praying mantis, northern harriers, ash meadows naucorid, desert big horn sheep, tarantula hawk, and more. Some plants that live there are ash meadows gumplants, ash meadows sunray, ash meadows blazingstar, ash meadows milkvetch, and more. Soooo yeah that’s basically all I have for this paragraph. Bye bye fellow friends!

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