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Madison's First Blog!

I had asked both the kids to write a paragraph on three separate questions. First up is Brady! I left these mostly how they wrote them so as they write more we can see the growth in their writing (hopefully).

Hi. Maddy here, I was forced to write this blog so here you go. My first thoughts when my parents told me we were moving I was excited but just not that excited. I didn't want to leave dance, my friends, or the house. Since we lived in that house for so long I created a lot of friendships along the way, a lot of memories as well. I was going to miss home a lot but wasn't to nervous yet because we still had 6 months before we actually moved. What I was excited for in traveling? Well mostly excited for seeing new animals and just new surroundings. Also doing homeschooling instead of online. I hate school so the thought of being on a long term vacation without hard work and with seeing new things was exciting.

As the time went on we finally moved out of the house. The first month of living in the 5th wheel wasn't that bad because I met new friends at the first campground we stayed at. We also got to go up north a few times. I visited my friends from the neighborhood one last time before going up north for the month. Staying up north was super fun. Visiting family, hanging out with friends, making new friends. The time went by to fast. I didn't want to leave. Then we sadly left. On our way to New Mexico was a long trip, it felt like forever. We got to the campground and I didn't really like it there neither did my mom. It was boring. I made a cat friend named shadow. We visited the white sands. It was fun. We went hiking a few times which my legs didn't really like but it was cool for the most part. Finally we left.

We left to experience boondocking in Carlsbad. It was fun. We went to the Carlsbad Caverns for the first time and it was cool. It was super pretty and amazing to walk through. But it also sucked because I wanted to climb on all the rocks and explore the places we weren't supposed to go but I couldn’t, which was annoying. We also saw the bat flight and that was really cool. Thousands of bats flew out of the cave to go eat insects. Dad was a scaredy cat (he doesn't really like bats haha) We also met a neighbor while boondocking and he told us about the lake that had a rope swing so we checked it out. We didn't find it at first so we took a pointless 2 mile walk before we found it. When we got there the water was really cold but I got use to it. The rope swing was pretty cool. Lola wanted to join in on the fun so she went swimming too. She had fun. Finally the overall first boondocking experience was good. Now I’m done, hope you enjoyed this because I didn't really like typing this. Peace my fellow audience.

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