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Hi again.. another blog by yours truly. My parents aren’t creative and can’t think of any good topics to write about so we have to just basically write about whatever. So that being said, we moved into our new trailer we moved campgrounds AGAIN but this campground is much better so that’s good. I have the bigger room now and Brady has the tiny loft, ha. He only games up there and IT STINKS IN THERE, he always is up there with his curtains shut making it smell like a stinky boy who has bad hygiene. Besides Brady, the new trailer is much better. Bigger bathroom, bigger room, massage chairs (which is a big bonus) but there are still many things wrong with new trailer like a bigger space in the bathroom but a smaller shower, big fridge but small microwave, massage chairs but really no living room besides from the so called garage which is my room. There’s no such thing as a perfect trailer for us, somethings always wrong lol especially to mom... she’s always has a problem with some thing (no shade haha). But in all honesty we like this one much much better! Also Happy Holiday folks!

Now this paragraph is about how I keep myself busy when the others are to “tired” to hangout with me lol. I either play ping pong with the wall and it annoys Brady but that’s just a bonus lol. I watch tv while drawing or coloring, play with Lola, or play some more ping pong haha. There’s not much I can do by myself but it also depends on what the campground has. If there’s grass I can tumble. If there’s swimming I can usually be old enough to swim without an adult (some places you have to be eighteen or older to be by yourself which sucks but whatever) When the fam is not “tired” or busy we either go somewhere or we play board games, watch a movie, do some activities outside. So yeah.. that’s all I got for this paragraph haha.

Finally, I guess I will do a wrap up for 2019. I’m guessing this will be the last blog for 2019 soooooooo.. January we started packing and figuring out what to sell and what to keep. Hanging out with friend as much a I could. Dancing. That’s basically it. February basically the same thing and looking for trailers. March started to look at more and more trailers. Same old thing, dancing, hanging out with friends. April same thing just more packing and more selling. May still dancing, hanging out, preparing to leave and found the “perfect” trailer (clearly wasn't lol) June saying goodbye and moving. Saying goodbye to friends, dance, my home of like 10 years, but never will leave behind all the fun memories I’ve had there. Definitely wasn't the funniest thing in the world to let go of all that. In June we also stayed at our first campground (shoutout to Kozy Oaks) where we moved into the Cougar & also met some friends. We traveled up north a few times through June and July. Didn’t do much in July except for settling in more and going up north. August, dad finally was done with his job. So we said goodbye to Kozy Oaks and our friends there to go up north. Up north we visited family and friends. Made new friends. Hung out with a lot of people. Ate good food. Got a lot better at tumbling including getting new skills. Had some arguments with the bro. Figured out where we were going to travel (because South Dakota didn’t work out so we made a new plan) Helped dan and Sonia (shoutout to them lol) get ready to move into an RV (can’t wait to have them travel with us soon!) We did LOTS of other things but that would take to long lol. So about 2-3 ish months go by and we are ready to head off. We went and said goodbye to mason one last time (shoutout to Mason and Kalee! Miss you guys) September 14th we started making our way to New Mexico. We had lots of boring moments in the car. Ate out. Stopped at rest stops. Then finally we made it to boot hill RV in New Mexico. Stayed there for.. not that long but I met a cool cat named shadow! (Shoutout to him haha) Then we left. Next we headed our way to Hico Texas to see my moms friend Jenny. (Shout to Dan, Jenny, Moose the dog, Coby the dog, Bluebell the chicken, Penny the rooster, big pearl the rooster, Orange the chicken, all her other chickens, the two dogs I met a the store, and the two cows Lola and I became friends with haha) Stayed there till early ish November then decided to head to the great state of Arizona. We stayed at this wonderful campground call Tombstone Territory’s. We stayed there for about a month. The fam decided to go to Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die. I didn’t think I would like it that much at first but now I LOVE IT. Highly recommend going there. We went hiking, ate out, visited tombstone lots more, went swimming, found a love for ping pong😂, met some cool neighbors (shoutout to Steve and Tracy) Had a thanksgiving dinner with a lot of people that stayed at the campground, and of course got a new trailer. Once we decided to get the new trailer we packed up and moved on out on December something lol. Which now leads us here in Nevada. We are at a very nice campground. It has bowling, cute little tiki huts, pretty rocks and some cute tiny waterfalls, a great view of mountains, shuffle board, a pool (It’s probably really cold now though so maybe not swimming yet😂) a dog park, and all the good stuff for your trailer. This campground doesn’t have much space in between campers but in a lot of the spaces theres in some trees for privacy if ya want it lol. But yeah we will be staying here for a month maybe longer. So sorry to bore you guys with all that but oh well you made it so your cool or as in my term Gucci which is cooler then cool lol. Well that’s all I got for you guys this blog. See ya next year😉😂 Happy holidays!

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