• Blake Freeman

Downsizing and Packing

Wow what a weekend filled with emotions.   Who knew going through our stuff would bring such a wide range of emotions. Arguments, yelling, a little sadness, along with a lot of happiness.  It was such a great weekend though.  Taking the time to reminisce about life and the kids makes this whole thing more worth it. You see all of the activities that you miss.  All of the time that while we are at work we miss so much of our kids’ lives.  I can’t wait to get to spend what time I have left with them.  

We made it through both of the kid’s rooms along with the loft. Now in each of those rooms we went through all of the kids keepsakes.  We minimized everything down to 1 tote each.  We went through all of our keepsakes and put those in totes.  So Michelle’s dad will have 5 totes to hold onto for us (he doesn’t know this yet but I am sure he will be more than happy). 

We also took out the dressers and junk from the kid’s rooms.  We hung up every piece of clothing they have and put a basket on the floor for the smaller items.  We went through all of their toys/games/stuffed animals and put them in a box or in their keepsake tote. So if you watched the YouTube video from last week make sure you check out this next one to see the difference.  

The final thing we did was taking a scan of each printed photo we had.  I bought an app called “Photomyne”.  A couple months ago when we were talking about how to downsize photos, people gave us a lot of ideas on how to digitalize everything.  After trying to figure out the best way with the least amount of money we used this app.  It was amazing.  It took us about 3 days to get through almost 3000 photos.  We used the kitchen table as a background and scanned 2 pictures at a time.  They have now all been uploaded into the cloud and onto the external hard drive for keeping.  The memories of seeing how much Michelle and I have grown over the years was hilarious. We were still kids when we meet and now 20 years later we are starting a new adventure.  

​Well as we have said I hope you all had a great holiday season.  As we kick things into gear we will be posting more.  We still are trying to list the house the end of March or beginning of April.  We will keep you updated with how things are progressing.  Make sure you check out our sites and follow us on YouTube! Blake

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