• Blake Freeman

Bradys Blog on Ash Meadows and one of his goals for next year!

My New year goal is to work on becoming a fighter pilot. I am going to study for the military test you take by taking practice tests. There are many online options to take a practice test. Being that I am homeschooled, i can work it into my daily school schedule. I will also be working out, lifting weights, and running. I may not have access to weights all the time but i can do push ups and sit ups for when i don’t. Hopefully we will continue to be in nice weather and can run outside.

We went out to Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge. We walked in and we saw some stuff on display. We then went out back and I walked out and there was white spots on the ground. I thought it was sand and I learned that is was salt deposits that come up from the ground. Then we went to like this pond looking area and dad said this is a hot springs. I said like Colorado he said yup. We read that warm water comes up from the earth to supply the hot springs. Then we looked around a bit more of what they had on display. We left to go to this cave called the “Devil’s Hole” where two people died and were never found. Then we stopped to get pizza before we went home.

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