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Brady's First Blog!

I had asked both the kids to write a paragraph on three separate questions. First up is Brady! I left these mostly how they wrote them so as they write more we can see the growth in their writing (hopefully).

Hello my name is Brady. My thoughts when my parents told me we will be living in a RV to travel to different places, I was excited because I liked going to Florida. I was not excited at the same time because I was not going to be able to play video games. I was also existed to be home schooled because I don't have to deal with teachers. I'm gonna miss my friend Calen, because we went biking all the time together and played GTA5 and Fortnite.

My experience over the past 2 months has been good. We spent the first month or so up north hanging out with family and friends. We visited, we cooked burgers, tacos, and other good stuff! (burgers and tacos are my favorite). Me and my friends had sleep overs almost every night and got up went outside to play. Me and my friend Wyatt were in a parade and the next day we saw the Blue angels at the Duluth Airshow. I liked traveling down to New Mexico. I got to eat food. I LOOOOOOVE food, especially fast food! I also enjoyed playing video games. I DID NOT and I repeat DID NOT enjoy hiking. I liked the jets flying over. I also enjoyed sledding down sand hills at White Sands.

My first time boondocking was interesting with no power. No heating up food and I can only charge my phone with the generator on. It was interesting and it forced us to play a lot of board games and visit as a family. Which we didn't always have time for when my parents had to work.

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