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Hello everyone how is everyone doing today I wanted to talk about what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a fighter pilot and a Blue Angel and earlier this year me and my family went to the Duluth airs in MN and saw the Blue Angels and all different kind of airplanes but for all of you to know i have bad eyesight witch everyone will say oh well you can't you need to have 20/20 vision but that is false there is hope. They have wavers but that does not mean you can get one I don't know if i can get one either but give it a shot

But living in a RV has been great and had a lot of great memories in our old camper and gaming on the road is fun but what I have been doing I made a instagram account for GTA where me and my brother do airshows for people. I learned how to hook up a 5th wheel trailer and I learned stuff when my dad was fixing problems with our camper and also learning when we are out seeing new things.

I want to talk to you about my feelings about how I feel about our new camper i like it I have my own loft i can game up there and not having Manny (thats my nick name for Maddy she hates it) coming in and being loud, so thats Gucci as Maddy would say DUMB but its nice we have more space and a garage so if we get some toys that would be cool but hope everyone had a good Christmas.

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