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Being Prepared for Danger! (Don't be fooled by her cuteness)

Yes, this is Lola!! We semi introduced her in one of our YouTube videos. She is a new member of our family and will be Tincanville’s sidekick on most of our adventures. As the picture reads - don’t be fooled by her cuteness. I will explain a little later in this blog why.  Yes we are planning for exciting adventures but we also have to keep in mind the situations that could arise that we need to think about and try to be prepared for especially having kids. The time is getting closer for us to leave and things are becoming much more of a reality for us.  Michelle and I have both have been excited for this for some time but now that we are only MONTHS away from a HUGE life change you start to put things into perspective.  The fear of the unknown is probably my biggest worry.  Michelle has the mindset that although there are many things to be worried about she does not want fear to limit our family. For me though I think my job working in law enforcement has made me a bit more timid.  However, I am still 100% on board but one thing that weighs on my mind is protection.  Perhaps, some of you have the same thoughts?

Since I deal with people on a daily basis calling 911 for an emergency, I’ve seen all the dangers there are and think that could be us and what should we do. I worry that being off grid we will be near people who are off grid for a different reason. Most people we have talked to or read on their blogs say they rarely ever have any issues with others and everyone they have encountered has been very welcoming and helpful. Which helps ease some of this worry a little bit. Still, I want to be prepared.  So, we have 2 things in place that will hopefully help for the times ahead.  First thing is Lola.  When we got a dog, we were originally thinking of getting a smaller dog.  One that we can easily travel with and wouldn’t take up too much room.  However, after sitting and doing some more thinking, we decided to get a bigger dog.  Lola is a Shepard mix so the thought is that she will be a good deterrent.  If someone wants to mess with us and sees her they might think twice. We have a few plans in place for training her for some situations. I will post more about this later on. 

Secondly, I will be getting a permit to carry.  The reason for this is twofold.  We plan on doing a lot of hiking and being outdoors in the backcountry.  If we come across someone crazy or some animal that wants to attack hopefully I will be able to protect us.  In the same mindset if some person threatens us in a life-threatening way, I will protect us and our property. I hope and pray that we will never have to use this sort of protection, but the unknown and what I see and hear at work makes me overly cautious.   The biggest thing that will prevent, at least our second point, is making the right choices on where we go and how we do things.  I believe that you can prevent many bad situations by making sound choices.  I hope that we never have any bad situations that we run into like most people who live this lifestyle.  If we do though, I will be prepared to protect my family.  

Make sure you check out our next Vlog. We will be sharing another idea on emergency preparedness along with some more discussion on being prepared for the unexpected. 

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