Kozy Oaks Kamp

Kozy Oaks was our first stop in our new home.  Its a medium sized RV Park.  I would say about 100 sites.  However most of the sites are seasonal since the Minnesota summer can be rather short.  We stayed here for 2 months while I (Blake) finished working.  The owner recently bought the resort and is working hard to fix up many things that were let go by the previous owner.  Some of the amenities are pool, mini golf, showers, and a lake.  The owner does have a paddle boat and canoes available for rent.  Cell service isn't horrible with Verizon.  Sprint was not good.  All sites have water and electric.  There is no sewer service.  There is a dump station though.  For those that stay longer than a week you are able to get your tanks pumped out once a week.  



 - This will also be under the con section also but being that over half the resort is seasonal, you get to know all of the seasonal campers rather well if you stay for a bit.  All of the ones we met were incredibly nice. They were very welcoming and helpful for us Newbies!

- Most of the sites have ample amount of room.  One of the spots we were in during our stay was a nice end lot.  However on the weekends if someone with a small trailer (pop-up or one of those that sit in the bed of the pickup) comes in they would park them rather close.  Not a con since it only happened a couple times.

- Mini golf was fixed up this year.  Nothing super difficult but it was free and a great way to spend a hour with the kids.

- Connects to a county park with some nice hiking trails




- As I stated being that over half of the resort is rented to seasonal campers, it can be difficult to get reservations on the weekends or during the holidays.

- The roads are all dirt.  When it rains it is very muddy.  When it hasn't rained it is very dusty.  

- Stated the pool was heated, but it was not.  Most of the time it was 70 degrees or so.  Kids didn't mind on the hot days but was not really relaxing at all.



Overall we are very happy with our stay at Kozy Oaks.  We made some lasting friendships and look forward to trying to get back there this summer to visit everyone.  Its a great place to stay if you are looking for something close to the Twin Cities but far enough away for it not to be noisy!