We are the Freeman family!


Blake and I have been together for 18 years. Both born and raised in Minnesota. We don't have a lot of things in common but I think that is we work perfectly. One thing we do agree upon is that we love to travel. Actually, we do love some things together like hiking, exploring, spending time with the kids, family, and friends.  Which is why we are so excited about this new adventure. 

Blake - I have worked as a 911 dispatcher for the last 13 years. I do not have my immediate family in my life which makes it easier for me to separate from the norm - it's a long story. I enjoy hiking, cooking/grilling, football, and spending time with my family. 

Michelle - I stayed home to raise our three children for most of their lives. I have worked a couple of jobs over the past 15 years though. I recently got my college degree but deep down I always knew that "the career" life wasn't for me. When I was younger my dream was to be a pianist but I was never able to reach that goal.  I do enjoy many things in life but most of all I love the outdoors, animals, hiking, doing crafts, but I offend found my mind wandering for adventure.  

Mason (Age 17) - Mason has a strong desire to join the military. When we decided on this lifestyle he was not really excited. We do understand that he is going to be a high school senior.  Fortunately, Mason found a friend whose mom was open to having him stay there.  After a 2 week trial period, it was decided that they all get along rather well and he will be staying back to finish high school.  We really want him to come but we also understand that he is almost an adult and wants to pursue his own passions in life. He also enjoys playing airsoft with his cousin and friends.  

Brady (Age 16) - Brady has a passion to be like his dad. He was born prematurely at 1lb 8oz. What a peanut! When he finds something he loves, he gets really motivated to learn about it. When he was younger he always wanted to be a cop, but after going to some airshows he is now very passionate about flying. He also loves going to his grandpa's house to drive his go-cart and work on motors and help his grandpa out!  

Madison (Age 13) - Madison is very excited to experience life on the road. She has told us she wants to see so many things. She loves to dance. She has danced for the past five years and just completed her second year of competition dance. She will miss her dance family, but her dance teacher gave her some advice on how to continue to grow as a dancer.