RV Living - Wanting Less to Experience More

Hello Wanderers! Welcome to our site. You wandered this way for a reason. And we are so glad that you did! Let us ask you if you have ever asked yourself these questions. Are you tired of working 12+ hour days? Are you tired of trying to keep up with the bills, running errands, cleaning, and the never-ending house repairs. The list goes on and on if you catch my drift...  Do you want to travel more but have no time, money or energy? Are you tired of feeling stuck, like your life is going nowhere but only in endless circles? Well, ours was just like that so one day my husband and I knew that we needed a change. Not knowing what that change was going to be, or how it was going to happen is how Camper-Vibes came to be. 

Let's sell everything we own, start fresh, and live smaller so that we can enjoy what matters most. OUR LIFE, OUR FAMILY, OUR FRIENDS, and this BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! What set this motivation? A quote that we came across. It said...


"Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire"


Sharing a collection of travel stories, photos, vlogs/blogs and our personal opinions focusing on inspiring you to discover the great outdoors and more!  Along with this we will share our life as we live in an RV full-time giving you any tips or tricks we learn along the way. 


This idea for us started when we got back from our Hawaii Trip in 2013. We were blown away by the atmosphere and the beauty. The Hawaiian lifestyle was so different it was rejuvenating, it opened our eyes to wanting to make a lifestyle change of our own. We started to plan for buying a tiny house and putting it on slot of land somewhere.  This was our hope for a peaceful lifestyle.  Of course family and other obligations got in the way of our dreams. 


In November 2017 we decided to not worry about the family issues and follow our dream.  We booked a trip to Colorado in March of 2018 to look for some land.  We knew the landscape of the area was amazing. As we drove to Colorado, we looked at all of the captivating scenery along the way, we realized that a tiny house wouldn't work for us. We didn't want to be stuck in one spot. Tiny houses are great, they are just hard to travel in and not accepted everywhere. That is how "RV Living" for us was born. 


In June 2019 we purchased a 2019 Cougar 368MBI and a 2012 Ford F350 pickup truck to start our journey. We sold all of our old possessions, packed our kids up, and hit the road.  Our hope is to live with less while enjoying more of life.  The purpose of our website and YouTube channel is to provide you with tips, inspiration, and a weekly journal of what we do.  Our hope is that we inspire others to live this life or to escape from the norm to enjoy the life they want. This way if this lifestyle is not for you, you can live vicariously through us!  

Since the start of our journey we are now on your 3rd, yes 3rd trailer.  We have gotten back to the root of what we wanted by purchasing a Flagstaff Travel Trailer 29BDS.  We look forward to continuing to achieve our goal of living smaller and experiencing more!